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Cosmetics, Crowns, Bridges and Whitening

Cosmetics, Crowns, Bridges and Whitening

We offer porcelain veneers and crowns to fix minor misalignment, color problems, broken or worn front teeth. Crowns for front and back teeth are offered in various choices of materials, such as ceramic or gold or even a blend of the two. Based on the biting habits and esthetic needs of each patient we mutually decide on the best material that fits the patients’ needs. For those patients with missing teeth, we offer bridges that are permanently cemented. Bridges are not suitable in all cases of missing teeth.

We offer tooth-whitening service at our office that you can take home with you. Molds of your teeth are taken and custom trays are made. The whitening that we use only whitens natural teeth; it will not whiten crowns or fillings.