Case Study Kathryn


Kathryn“Not long ago, when I heard something funny, or wanted to show my pleasure at someone or something I would consciously keep my top lip straight and avoided opening up to anyone because of, what I perceived, was an unattractive smile. Not anymore! My smile is infectious. I am happy to display a healthy and beautiful grin showing ALL my front teeth. Thanks to Chinook Dental Centre, I am proud of my smile. People comment on how I have become more confident and that I look years younger. I never thought that by simply replacing and insertng a few teeth, I could receive such complimentary responses. But, it shows. I love laughing and now I smile all the time.

“Thank you Chinook Dental, you have made me smile”

Dental Challenge:

Kathryn, a 45 year old in the financial industry, experienced a tooth extraction due to a fracture. Not only did this make smiling less pleasant, she was concerned with a bridge directly behind the extracted tooth. The missing tooth had to be replaced without touching the bridge. In addition, she also had two font teeth protruding at different angles and different gum heights.


The ideal solution was to place an implant for the missing tooth and 5 porcelain restorations for the other front teeth. Kathryn had different ideas, due to fear of being put to sleep for the implant, she asked if we had an alternative. The alternative recommendation was to replace the missing eyetooth with a porcelain-metal bridge. Esthetically, the pure porcelain restorations would look better and she was satisfied with the simplicity of local anesthesia.


We placed a porcelain-metal bridge for Kathryn in 2 visits. Kathryn was very pleased with the results and was now looking forward to an upcoming reunion where she will show off her new attractive smile

             Before                                                                                  After

Kathryn before       Kathryn after