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Case Study Main

Case study Carrie

Carrie, a dental receptionist, had moderately grayish coloured teeth. Plus, her teeth did not show very much when she smiled. She wanted a change!

“I smile lots more now!”

Case Study Kathryn

“Not long ago, when I heard something funny, or wanted to show my pleasure at someone or something I would consciously keep my top lip straight and avoided opening up to anyone because of, what I perceived, was an unattractive smile. Not anymore! My smile is infectious. I am happy to display a healthy and beautiful grin showing ALL my front teeth. Thanks to Chinook Dental Centre, I am proud of my smile. People comment on how I have become more confident and that I look years younger. I never thought that by simply replacing and insertng a few teeth, I could receive such complimentary responses. But, it shows. I love laughing and now I smile all the time.

“Thank you Chinook Dental, you have made me smile”

Dr. Roy Mathew Chinook Dental Centre

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At first we all felt that the teeth were not quite white enough and so we replaced the 10 restorations with whiter ones. The end result made Carrie happier.

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